Leverage our Expertise to Optimize Costpoint

Develop Your Staff & Business Processes to Utilize Technology for Business Optimization

Optimize Costpoint Processing

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  • Data Flow Optimization and Alerting
  • Financial Architecture
  • Project Architecture
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Change Management to Grow and Develop Staff

Proper Costpoint Design & Integration

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  • Do it Right the First Time
  • Realign Your Organization
  • System Redesign
  • Cross Application Design nd Integration

Built to Scale & Grow

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  • Create Efficiencies to Scale
  • Minimize Audit Risk
  • Business Systems Designed to Grow with Your Strategic Goals
  • Staff Recognizes & Initiates Improvements


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For over 35 years,  Joe Jezior has been working with technology and Gov Cons to create organizations and solution which “think ahead”, to develop efficiencies, manage change ahead of the market.


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Designed service implementation methodologies

Founded multiple service providers

Founded SaaS provider – 2 years before Amazon

Created the partner’s partner program to support specialized service providers to build their business around SaaS