Retool and Join the Fight

RETHINK – Retool and Join the Fight

The COVID 19 virus is having a tremendous impact on all our lives.  Along with the news of those infected and loss of loved ones, we are inspired by the courage of the heroes fighting to save lives.  It is time for all of us to step up, join the fight and help the heroes save lives.  

Everyday more companies are retooling to make ventilators, masks and hand sanitizer.  The outlook for the next few months is challenging to say the least. Every company, school, club and individual can help the fight. 

Manufacturers – Help make ventilators or masks.  You may not have the facility to make N95 or surgical masks; however, imagine if every grocery store employee, delivery person or food preparation worker had a simple cloth mask.  Although not as safe as N95 or surgical masks, they would help relieve the demand and confusion about masks.  Cloth masks would  keep employees safer than no mask.

Restaurants – reach out to local businesses asking them to fund your food delivery to first responders and medical staff.  Hospitals have cafeterias, but providing a meal to staff after long hours would relieve part of the stress in their lives. Most small retail businesses are closed, but most technology companies are still working (from home).  

Schools, teachers, coaches and social clubs – motivate your students or members to create masks from home and donate to hospitals, nursing homes and local grocery stores.  Each year students volunteer for countless hours, but now they are stuck at home.  Create healthy competition and recognize their initiative.

We all need something good to focus on, something to drive us.  Utilize your staff, students, friends and loved ones to find what drives you.  We are all in this fight together.

Here is what a few other companies are doing: 

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