Jezior Advisors has been serving software, hosting and SaaS companies focused on government contractors since 1985.  Supporting 100s of organizations of all sizes to implement new business strategy, business systems, redefine policies and procedures and support audit requirements. 

Let us work with your organization to improve operations.  

Strategic Advisory

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Strategy Planning & Execution –  a strategic plan is half the battle.  How do you implement the plan, communicate the plan with employees and manage performance to the plan?

 Organizational Design & Review – We can help you determine the best alignment of resources, assist in the transition and provide a management plan to support future changes

Process Improvement – We have helped 100s of government contractors grow into new processes and systems with best practices and a management model to adapt to future changes.

Gov Con Compliance

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Direct & Indirect Costs and Pools – We provide standard definitions, standard Chart of Accounts, standard cost pools and a management plan to support future growth.

Policies & Procedures – We have standard policies and procedures for expense processing, timesheet entry and even period closings.

Procurement & Vendor Management – Standardized procurement processes will help your organization manage costs, manage vendor performance, manage data security requirements and become compliant.  

Systems in The Cloud

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Systems Selection – Utilize our experience managing software requirements, sales people, vendor Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and contract negotiations to maximize your investment

Project Management – Utilize our extensive experience successfully managing projects to help your staff

Cloud Security (vendor) – Let us help you work with your vendors to get the clear answer confirming their security model. 

Our consulting services are offered on a time and materials basis. We can provide services onsite or remotely to keep travel cost to a minimum.  

We are here to help, please contact us with any questions!

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