Process Optimization

Experience across 100s of Complex Organizations Creates a Holistic View of Staff, Process and Technology Optimization  

Grow Your Business – We work directly with your staff and your outside resources to deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective service model. We utilize our experience to train your resources on process improvements and develop their analysis skills to continue to support growth.

Strategy Planning & Execution Developing a strategic plan is only half the battle.  We help create operational plans, budgets and review to support your strategic plan.  Processes to deliver your strategy, measure staff performance and support future growth.

Build a Dynamic Culture in your operations staff We develop a culture with your staff to continually strive forimprovement, utilize technology to its fullest and embrace change.

The 2 Day Close – Our Virtual CFO Services develop your staff and processes to deliver financial statement within 48 hours. See posts on our News page for more information.

Gov Con Compliance 

Understanding Costpoint or GCS Premier – Many companies lack an in-depth understanding of Costpoint & GCS Premier system designs. Without a sufficient understand of design, processes are not properly automated and period closing is extended.  Educating staff on Costpoint or GCS Premier design is key to developing process improvements and staff skills.

      Business Systems & the Cloud

Business System Design to Maximize your ROI –Your Costpoint or GCS Premier system should be designed to support your business requirements today and your future growth.  Business systems design should easily support an acquisitions or sale of a business unit.  Proper understanding of the system design architecture will provide your staff the knowledge to support and manage future changes. 

Cloud Security Have you ever heard a Cloud vendor say their security model is pretty good? They all say their Cloud is “highly secure“. We work with your vendors to clarify their current security model and understand their preparations for CMMC compliance.

System Selection – Not all Cloud systems are created equal.  Our experience managing software requirements, vendor Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and contract negotiations will maximize your investment.

Project Management – New business system deployments requires proper project management to maximize your return on investment.  We utilize a hybrid Waterfall and Agile methodology to develop your staff’s ownership of the new system.  Once the consultant leaves, your staff “owns” the system.  Our experience will help empower your staff to manage the system and increase your ROI.

Our consulting services are offered on a time and materials basis.  We can provide services onsite or remotely to minimize travel.  

Fixed price engagements are available for customers needing periodic project management or advisory services.  

Questions – contact me directly

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