Rethink Year-End as an Opportunity for Improvement

Your focus at year-end is on financial preparation to support audit and tax requirements.  This year, if you expand your vision to identify areas of process improvement, you will be surprised by the items you identify.   You have coordinated with your CPA and planned for year-end audit and tax preparation.  They have provided their requirements and theirContinue reading “Rethink Year-End as an Opportunity for Improvement”

Project (Business) Management Methodology – RETHINK Internal Tasks

Consider the impact on your organization, positive or negative of prior internal projects.  Have you invested in improved employee benefits? A new 401k plan or revised health care plans, only then to find your employees do not share your level of appreciation for the new benefits?  Have you invested in a new ERP system thatContinue reading “Project (Business) Management Methodology – RETHINK Internal Tasks”