The 2 Day Close for Government Contractors

Why can some companies close their books faster than others?  Why do some ERP implementations deliver a much higher ROI than others? In short, these companies have changed the mind set in accounting to continually strive for process improvements as part of their daily operations.  Insufficient staff size, lack of proper training and project planningContinue reading “The 2 Day Close for Government Contractors”

Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency – RETHINK Current Processes

With the current economic slow down and the expected upturn once the pandemic passes, now is the best time to improve your business processes.  Under utilized staff should be redirected to improve processes and will appreciate being part of a project. Any organization experiencing rapid change or recently implemented a new ERP system that isContinue reading “Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency – RETHINK Current Processes”

Improving Cash Flow – “RETHINK” Billings

Your business is growing, your customers love your work and your competitors are noticing.  Increase cash flow and customer satisfaction by simplifying your billing and collection processes.    Imagine sending your invoices one day earlier and collecting those invoices two days sooner; significantly increasing cash flow.  Rethink your processes and realign staff to shorten theContinue reading “Improving Cash Flow – “RETHINK” Billings”