Retool and Join the Fight

RETHINK – Retool and Join the Fight The COVID 19 virus is having a tremendous impact on all our lives.  Along with the news of those infected and loss of loved ones, we are inspired by the courage of the heroes fighting to save lives.  It is time for all of us to step up,Continue reading “Retool and Join the Fight”

RETHINK – Leadership – Staff Working at Home

Now more than ever government contracting businesses need to show leadership, and guide our staff through these difficult times. The turmoil, disruption and confusing messages caused by the Coronavirus has taken a toll on our staff. Leaders need to step up and create a sense of comfort, hope, focus and determination within our staff. TheContinue reading “RETHINK – Leadership – Staff Working at Home”

RETHINK – Working at Home

Working at home is a challenge for all of us.  Even though I have been working at home for over 16 years, it is still challenging for me. I just wanted to share my thoughts to help you RETHINK how you can work at home: Develop a purpose to allow you to focus.  Create yourContinue reading “RETHINK – Working at Home”

RETHINK – Selecting your Implementation Consultant

There are many well written articles about selecting the right “partner” for your process improvement or system implementation project.   I agree with the details they outline; however, once you are comfortable with the organization, you need to evaluate the individual personnel.  Whether you are implementing new software or changing the operations in accounting, theContinue reading “RETHINK – Selecting your Implementation Consultant”