RETHINK – Working at Home

Working at home is a challenge for all of us.  Even though I have been working at home for over 16 years, it is still challenging for me. I just wanted to share my thoughts to help you RETHINK how you can work at home:

Develop a purpose to allow you to focus.  Create your “work at home plan” to build structure in your day with tasks, milestones and goals.  Review your plan each day, see how you did and make adjustments to your plan for tomorrow.  Remember, it is only a plan and all plans change.  Hold yourself accountable, but don’t beat yourself up. 

Schedule specific times during the day dedicated to performing your tasks.  If you share your home with other people or even pets, they will not used to you working and will feel neglected.  If you build a schedule that includes “break times” with them, they won’t feel neglected and that will clear your head allowing to focus when getting back to work.  Share your schedule with others and adjust it to align with their needs.  They will respect your schedule and you will be able to stay focused.  

If you need periodic input from the others you work with, schedule time with them throughout the day.  If you are more of a “technician” who works alone, you will still need periodic confirmation.  Set your meetings for once a day or every other day. In either case, set an agenda with time limits.  You will no doubt talk about personal items – i.e. working at home.  Quite frankly, we all need that discussion.  However, if you have time limits and an agenda you will both naturally focus on the agenda

Your home is where you relax, clear your mind and enjoy family.  Converting your home to your place of work, requires ….work.

We are all in this together.  Please feel free to email me with questions, I am glad to help. 

Take care, Joe 

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