Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency – RETHINK Current Processes

With the current economic slow down and the expected upturn once the pandemic passes, now is the best time to improve your business processes.  Under utilized staff should be redirected to improve processes and will appreciate being part of a project.

Any organization experiencing rapid change or recently implemented a new ERP system that is not delivering the expected ROI, will benefit from process improvement 

Utilize your internal staff, not a consultant, to define your process improvement plan. Allow your staff to work through the steps below and develop their plan for improvement.  As they work through these steps, they will self-correct their issues, take ownership and identify when assistance is needed.  

  • Assign each process a project name, I.e. – Revenue & Billings
  • Assign a team 
  • Define your goal(s) – to create a process improving efficiency and aligning our staff to support future growth.  
  • Document the current process and draw up the process flow
  • Review each step to confirm requirements
  • Make the process adjustments deemed necessary 
  • Draft a management presentation including additional tasks which need your approval – I.e. data integration or training
  • Work with the team to make any final adjustments to the plan and if needed, select a consultant.  

Before hiring a consultant, read my blog post “RETHINK – Selecting an Implementation Consulting”  to help you select the best resource for your company.

  • Provide the requirements to your consultant and ask for a detailed proposal and schedule. 

Once completed, the new process will improve efficiency and your staff will be prepared to manage future change.

Follow my blog, I will post sample outlines to help you conceptualize how to RETHINK specific processes.

Final point, I use the term “RETHINK” because I always look deeper and do not accept the initial answer.  RETHINK and create a better, faster more efficient business.   

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